Mr. Khant Thu


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Mr. Htoo

Elementary Dean

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Ms. Nang

Middle Dean

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Mr. Ye

High Dean

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ABOUT USIntroduction

Free Online Educational Institution Myanmar (FOEIM) was founded in April by Mr. Khant Thu. FOEIM is an interim organization formed to ensure that students' education does not lag behind and that a higher education system emerges.

Who We are?See for yourself.

We, Free Online Educational Institution Myanmar, use the Online Digital Platform to teach students not to lag behind in education. Our organization is governed by two divisions: administration and teaching. In administration, it is formed with Founder & CEO, Dean of primary school , Dean of middle school and Dean of high school. Other relevant teams are management team , announcements press team, technical team and telecommunications team. In terms of teaching, it is formed with young teachers who can actively teach students. In the way of choosing those teachers, we have to give priority of educational qualifications and experience of teachers. For educational censorship, administration and consultation, we formed with expert teachers from educational institutions, lecturers from universities, and professors as board members. It is designed to teach teachers and students in a balanced and effective manner.

Our Mission & Vision Explore with us.

FOEIM was founded not to lag behind in education of students who are against the military slavery education system and the military dictatorship by means of civil disobedience movement and to be able to support as part of interim education sector of the National Unity Government. Currently, more than 10,000 students from grade 1 to 10 are being taught by using the online digital platform. In doing so, we are teaching according to the basic education curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education. We are consulting with teachers and student unions from ethnic areas to emerge a better education system for ethnic people and students in ethnic areas and to be available equally a higher education not only in urban areas but also in rural areas.

Through interim education, we are trying to improve the education and teaching system for students and to establish a federal education system at the same time. Then, to create a new basic education system based on our ethnic language in accordance with the federal education system when the federal union emerges.

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